“Right now, somebody is out there is telling YOUR story better than you are… “

                       Let’s change that.  

  Have you ever wanted to connect with someone in a way that was accessible, authentic, and authoritative without coming across as manipulative?
 I show people like you how to identify, design, express, and apply Narrative Strategies as a simple, step-by-step system that is practical and immediate to help you get the exact outcome you desire.

 Whatever your business, from Management Teams to Sales Staff, I can show you a better way to structure and share your Narrative and help you toward tripling your income. To date, I’ve worked with hundreds of people and helped bring one company from 57 million to 150 million in three years, using the same techniques I’ll teach you.

 My name is Ruben Padilla. I’m your Narrative Strategist.

“Craft your narrative. Control your life. Create your future.”

-Ruben Padilla